Meet Jill

Jill Brooke

I love color!

As long as I can remember I wanted to draw, paint and create and use bright colors – so when I discovered silk painting 30 years ago I was instantly hooked after one lesson. I went home with some silk, dyes and a lot of enthusiasm and made a frame to stretch the silk from an old wooden and wire screen door which I balanced on 2 kitchen chairs in our laundry. Steam setting was a hit and miss affair using a steamer over a pot of boiling water with a lot of heartache when the water got into the package and wet the silk ruining the piece.

Although I now have a professionally made frame and a steamer I haven’t lost the passion and enthusiasm for the colors of the silk dyes and the way the colors react with each other. I also paint with acrylics, water colors, colored pencil, graphite and I’ve recently started collage.

I have taken part in a number of exhibitions and craft fairs in Adelaide, Burra, Balaklava and Riverton (South Australia) as well as selling in boutiques and the local Clare Valley Wine Food and Tourism Center. My work has been exhibited in Yoshinaga in Japan and my scarves have been sent overseas as gifts with touring delegations from Clare to Japan and County Clare in Ireland.

When I’m not painting I enjoy cooking, gardening and reading.

I am located in the picturesque Clare Valley wine growing area in South Australia.
Welcome – I hope to see you again.

Jill Brooke