Making silk cards

The fun begins with stretching a piece of silk onto a frame keeping it as taught as possible so the dyes don’t form pools in ridges and create blobs of color.  Choosing colors is the next part of the process and these are quickly applied with a brush, one color after another forming patterns and blending together to create new colors.  Once the piece of silk is covered with dye it has to dry and then has to be heat set.

Silk for cards

When the silk is dry and set I iron a backing piece on to keep the silk in shape as I cut the pieces to fit the cards.  The silk is glued onto each card and then a line of gold liner paint is added, finished with a tree and 3 birds.

silk ready for embellishing

After the gold paint is dry I sign each card back and front, add an envelope and each card is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag.

signed and ready to go

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